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How To Make The Most Money For Your Scrap Metal

If you work in construction or are completing a home renovation project, you may be surrounded by scrap metal. Why let all of the good metal go to waste by tossing it in the dump when you can recycle it and make money? There are many companies that offer decent prices for your scrap metal, but how do you know you are getting the best price for your metal? Here are a few tips to help you make the most money for your scrap metal.

Separate Your Metals

If you are looking to scrap your metal, it is important to separate out the types of metal. Many manufacturers will use a specific recipe for creating metal products, and extra materials may contaminate the process. If you take a giant pile of mixed up metal to the scrap yard, they will take off their fee for separating the metals. This causes you to lose money on your scraps. The easiest way to sort your metals is during the collection process. This will save you time at the end of your collecting.

Clean Metals

If you are collecting scrap metal from renovation projects or construction sites, they may dirty or wet. These metals still have value, but should be cleaned to get the maximum amount for your metals. Many scrapping companies offer customers leak-proof boxes that will help remove water, oil, and other liquids from your metals.

Collect the Metals

The cost of hauling a small amount of metal and a large amount of metal are the same. If you want to get the most money for your scrapping, you should strive to have the most metal you can before having it collected by a scrapping company. If you are bringing your scrap metal to the facility yourself, consider the gas it takes to drive to the facility before making a trip for a few pieces of metal.

Check Fair Market Prices

Chances are there are a number of scrap metal collection sites in your area. Before selecting a scrap yard to take your metal to, check each facility's going rate on the day you want to drop off the metal. Prices fluctuate on a daily basis, so if a price seems too low, wait a day or two and check again. The key to maximizing the profit from scrapping metal is patience. Waiting for a higher price per pound will allow you to save even more metal and get the most for each pound you deliver.

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