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Going With A Non-Grass Yard

If you are sick of mowing your lawn but don't want to risk the ire of your neighbors or pay a steep fine, you should consider "lawn replacement" options. Also, if you live in a drought-stricken area, getting rid of your thirsty lawn can be beneficial to the environment, in particular, the water table. You can find several attractive alternatives to having a living lawn.

Artificial Grass

This choice obviously relieves you of most maintenance tasks. You will occasionally have to have this substance repaired, but, for the most part, you will be greeted with an always-green, uniform height carpet of grass whenever you leave your home. It does come with a few drawbacks, however. It tends to get very hot under the burning sun, so it retains heat and can actually burn you. If you have small children, it's not the best choice for you.

Concrete and Hardscaping

You may have a concrete patio already, but you can consider expanding that idea into all or most of your yard. You can extend the size of your patio and add gravel or mulch make your yard look attractive without using grass. You can add greenery to your yard by planting low-care perennials in flower beds bordering the patio and gravel. You can also add some hardscaping accents including benches and other decorative elements. Even if you cannot eliminate all of the grass, you can minimize it.

Ground Cover

If you want a green lawn and little work, planting ground cover is an excellent option. These plants spread across your property but never reach a height that requires trimming. If you want extra color, you can choose a flowering ground cover. You can choose from covers such as Bishop's Weed, Alyssum, or Verbena. If none of these choices appeal to you, consider going with clover. It looks good, is excellent for your soil, and keeps out weeds. You have many choices of easy care ground cover plants that will free you from the tyranny of a tedious lawn care routine, but they will require some water.

You can unchain yourself from your lawnmower if you are willing to give up a traditional lawn. A variety of alternatives is available to you that can make your property look great without using grass. Concrete, gravel, ground cover, and even artificial grass can give you the effect you wish. A number of striking lawn ornaments are available to bring more interest to your yard. Consult with a concrete or landscape contractor by going to websites like to find out what options will work for your home.

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