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Roof Damage & Getting It Replaced

It is important for a homeowner to take good care of the roof to avoid having to replace it in an untimely manner. In order to prevent major problems from developing, you must ensure that the roof is inspected and maintenance is performed by a professional as necessary. Even with regular maintenance, a roof can fall into a severe condition if a bad storm passes through your area and causes a lot of destruction. It is actually wise to get a roof inspection performed after each storm, including the ones that are not considered severe. The following information explains some of the things that can lead to a roof needing to be professionally replaced by a general contractor.

Destruction From Pests

Pests can cause a substantial amount of damage to a roof, which is why it is important for extermination to be performed every now and then. For instance, birds can damage a roof by pecking their beaks into the wood, shingles, or other materials that make up the roof. Damage can also occur as a result of carpenter ants digging holes into the roof deck to create nests. The most detrimental pests to a roof are termites, as they can consume the wood of a roof deck on a constant basis. The roof can become weak and eventually cave in.

Excessive Rainwater Exposure

Rainwater exposure is one of the most common issues that homeowners have to deal with when it comes to roof damage. The reason why is because rain is a natural part of nature that you can't stop from making contact with your roof. The best way to protect your roof from water damage is to ensure that the deck is always fully covered with shingles or other materials. You will know if rainwater has damaged your roof to the extent of the roof needing to be repaired by the condition of the ceilings in your house. Basically, the ceilings will be discolored, bubbly, or leaky each time that it rains.

The Spread of Algae Spores

Algae spores are not typically viewed as harmful to the roof by homeowners. However, the spores are actually very detrimental, especially if there are asphalt shingles on the deck. The harm of algae spores is that they can consume limestone, which is used in various roofing materials. Asphalt shingles are known for having a higher level of limestone than many of the other types. If you think that your roof is in bad shape, contact a roofing contractor as soon as possible so it can be replaced if necessary. 

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