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Septic Services For Rural Sewage Needs

One of the most used modern conveniences is indoor plumbing and access to a municipal sewage system that handles human waste. Unfortunately, homes that are situated on rural land that is far away from the suburbs are not always connected to municipal sewage systems. Although it is possible to flush a toilet and send waste to the outside of a house in a rural area, the process is done differently than with a municipal sewage system. If you recently purchased a house that doesn't have access to such a system, you will basically need to invest in the services of a septic company. Browse the information below to learn about the services that a septic company can provide.

Installation of a Septic System

A septic system can be installed on your rural property that will be able to handle all of the waste that flows from your toilets and other plumbing fixtures. Plumbing lines that are in the interior of your house will be attached to the ones that will be installed with various septic system parts. The lines will basically be connected to a septic tank that is capable of storing a substantial amount of waste materials. A septic pump is another part of the system that will have to be installed on your property. A small amount of excavation will be necessary for creating a drain field that will be used for handling liquid waste from the septic tank.

Waste Removal From Septic Tank

After using your septic system for a while, there will come a time when the tank becomes full of waste. You don't want to leave the tank full because it can lead to problems in your house, such as backed up sewer lines and waste coming out of drains. A septic company can remove the waste from the tank, but you will have to contact them and pay a fee for the service. Pumps are used to remove the waste in a thorough and speedy manner. You don't have to worry about getting the tank pumped on a regular basis because most of them are able to store a lot of waste before filling up.

Maintenance of the Drain Field

Drain field maintenance is important for keeping a septic system functional. You will need to get the drain field lines inspected and cleaned every now and then. The lines can become clogged with dirt, waste particles from the tank, and other things without the proper maintenance. 

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