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How To Identify Roofing Issues In Time

Putting out money for roofing contractor services can feel like a big imposition for homeowners. However, a roofing contractor can help you protect your investment by getting on top of problems early. Keep an eye out for these four issues with your roof and other parts of your house so you'll know when to ask for roofing contractor services.

Interior Wall Staining

If a roof isn't keeping water out of a house, you might not notice it at the roof level. Frequently, the first sign of trouble is staining of the interior walls from water that is sneaking into the structure. Even a slight stain is not good news, so contact a roofing contractor to take a look at the top of your house.

Crumbling Materials

When pieces of shingles or other materials are falling off the roof every week, there might be a problem. Try to spot areas where damage appears to have happened. For example, you might see that the corner of a shingle is nicked.

Water Collecting on the Roof

Few signs of trouble are as worrisome as pools of water developing on the roof. All water on the roof should come off within a couple of hours of any rainstorm ending, even if it is a cloudy day and cool day. If water is collecting on the roof, you can almost bet the underlying structure is sagging and creating pools. These materials are most likely rotten, and you'll need to have a roofing contractor tear them out and replace them.

More Than 20 Years Since Any Work Was Performed

Although different roofing materials have different service lives, it's a good idea to have a contractor check a house out at least every 20 years. For many types of shingles, this is their service life. Even if there is a high-end product with a longer life, such as slate or tile, on the roof, it's still wise to have it inspected by a pro. Likewise, assume the worst if you don't know exactly which materials were used for the last job.

Also, you should hire a roofing contractor to conduct an inspection every time you buy a house or look at one with an eye toward buying. This applies even if the current owner has had it inspected. It's better to double up efforts out of an abundance of caution than to get stuck with a damaged roof.

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