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Post-Hurricane Safety Tips For Homeowners

If the hurricane evacuations in your area are going to be lifted soon and you plan to go start the storm damage cleanup process on your property, then follow each of these safety tips to ensure your safety. Safety Tip: Consider Skipping the Self-Clean-Up Project A home with serious water damage from a major storm is best cleaned up by storm damage restoration professionals. While it is natural for you to want to go survey the damage and to feel compelled to dive in and get things dried out, this is always a job better left to the professionals. Read More 

Need New Windows After Buying a Home? Three Tips for Making the Best Investment

When you buy a home that has windows that aren't in the best condition, you may be concerned with how soon you should have them be replaced. Instead of rushing into getting just any new windows installed, it makes sense to pay attention to exactly what kinds of windows you should be looking for so that you don't end up making a mistake with your purchase. To make sure that you spend your money as wisely as possible, consider the following tips for ensuring that your investment in getting new windows is a smart one. Read More 

How To Repair Chimney Flashing

The chimney is an important part of your roof. First of all, most people like the look of an actual stone chimney sticking out of their roof. It has an old fashion style that can be rustic and charming. The chimney is also significant because it can actually be the weak point of the roof. The chimney kind of sticks out like a sore thumb, and it can get damaged in a number of ways. Read More 

Time To Come Ashore: Why You Should Choose Plastic For Your Next Dock

If you need a new boat dock, and you're not sure what material to choose, it's time for you to give serious consideration to plastic docks. Unlike wood and metal docks, plastic docks float right on the water, providing a better platform for you and your boat. If you're not sure why you should choose plastic for your next boat dock, here are four benefits for you to consider.  Holds Up to the Elements Read More 

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Years ago, my wife and I had our home remodeled and experienced a lot of difficulties. We didn't plan as well as we should have, and we ended up changing our minds quite a bit and causing a lot of delays and extra costs. We were also trying to live in the house during the remodel, which made life pretty stressful for us, and probably for our contractors, too. When we decided that we were going remodel again this year, I wanted things to be different. I took what I learned from all of the things that went wrong the last time, and set about doing things differently this time. The results were amazing. We're so much happier with this remodel. I decided to put what I learned about smooth home remodeling into a blog so that others could learn from our mistakes and successes.


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